Friday, January 5, 2018

Amy Harmon - "The Law of Moses" Review

Last week I finished writing the final chapter of “Usher of Truth.”  It’s off to the editor which allows me a chance to focus on something equally enjoyable. With its completion comes the reward of reading a good book. I love to write, but I also enjoy reading. I have a library full of books I have promised to read. Well, this week I read Amy Harmon’s “The Law of Moses.” I realize the book is not a new release. However, it has taken me this long to set aside the time to focus on it. It was worth it.

We all know Amy Harmon is a New York Times best-selling author and doesn’t need me to validate her work.  I have to share my thoughts on “The Law of Moses.”

“The Law of Moses” was an exceptional story. Amy captures the readers’ attention on the first page when she tells the reader she lost him, and that she wasn’t prepared. Lost who? Prepared for what? So begins the tale that grips your heart and brings tears to your eyes. I believe it is through a mother’s heart that this story comes to life in such a way.

It is difficult to talk about a book; to explain the storyline or create a mental image of what Amy created on the page without spoiling the book. I will say she must pull from her deepest self the feeling of a mother who imagines losing something so precious. The expression and imagery Amy portrayed in “The Law of Moses” brings the heart to a breaking point before showing the reader the capacity of the human heart to rebound and grow stronger.

Amy helps the reader identify with the characters as she brings life to each one while they struggle in their way to find a place in a world more significant than any of us. She brings these characters together in a way that causes the reader to struggle with love and loss, and that many things are beyond our control. Amy sets us on our heels as she weaves together the lives of two young people in love who suffer the consequences of their actions while offering a promise of hope and forgiveness.

I enjoyed reading “The Law of Moses” and look forward to reading more of Amy Harmon’s work in the future.  You can find her upcoming release of “TheSmallest Part” on her website.