Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Days Gone By - I Miss My Dancing Girls

It’s been a while since I shared poetry. When I read this one, I can’t help but smile. My children have long since grown and are living lives of their own. But when I read this it brings back fond memories of childhood dancing shoes. I love my dancing girls.

Dancing Girls

I watch you dance around the room
I say to you “it's bedtime soon,”
You giggle as you twirl away
I laugh as I try to say
The day is gone, It’s time for bed
You look at me and shake your head
The day has ended night has come
The time is now you must succumb
So put away your dancing shoes
And take your tutu to your room
But mom
We want to dance all night
We want to dance to get it right.
Someday we’ll be upon the stage
I’m thinking now “What is their age”?
I smile again but with the eye
They look at me and try to sigh
They bow their head and drag their feet
But at the stairs, we meet
I smile at them both as I say
Tomorrow is another day
You can dance again and dream
You can laugh and play and scheme
But for now, it’s time for bed
I know it’s something you both dread
I watch as you climb the stairs
The stairs are steep but you don’t care
I smile as you climb into bed
As I think I shake my head
You’re growing fast time’s racing by
I tuck you in and release a sigh

            As I recall your giggles and twirls 
      You are my beautiful dancing girls

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