Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day - As We Remember

Each day is a day of which to be thankful. But as I reflect on this day, I am thankful for all those that have given their lives I may enjoy the freedoms I experience today.

I sit here thinking about the many men and women who today are far from home protecting an idea that stands above all. They protect freedom. Not just for us here in the United States, but also for those around the world that desire peace, yet still struggle to experience it.

We live in a country where people sometimes take for granted our freedoms. We think we have a right to or are entitled us to freedom. Those that think that way are misguided. The freedom we enjoy today comes at a great cost of life and limb, of blood and tears. For all those that sacrificed family, time and life, I salute you and thank you for your sacrifice.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Ways of War" Has Taken on a Life of Its Own

I’ve spent the last two years writing then publishing “Ways of War”. It is a process that has involved many sleepless nights and long days at work in anticipation of returning to the storyline that evolved over  time. “Ways of War” has taken on a life of its own.

Tonight as I sit back and reflect on this journey I realize that not only have I created something from nothing. Watching it expand and grow has shown me that while I have been on a journey to complete a novel, I have also been on a journey that has tested me and made me question myself and my strength. I have learned many things about myself. Some of which surprises me. The biggest surprise is I have completed it. The second is that I have become brave enough to share it. I think the third surprise is one I find most amusing. I am having fun with it.

“Ways of War” is becoming my compass. The experience is one I will use to guide me as I continue on this journey. “Ways of War” will soon be available in bookstores all over the country (maybe even the world). As I reflect on this, I realize what I’ve accomplished. It is still early in the game, but with the help of friends and family and the many souls on fire that lifts me and encourages me I will continue on my quest. I will complete “A Dangerous of Truth” which I will publish on the heels of “Ways of War”. I will then return the pen to page and create “Days of Doom” which I hope will continue to inspire and intrigue.

My final hope with this series is to create a connection. Even though the series is one of intrigue, it is also a series about people, and the struggle to survive during a time of war. This series will show how resilient human nature can be. It will also show compassion for those who in a way are been forgotten. If I can communicate a message to my readers, it will be one of hope. We must always strive to reach out to one another and be of service to those who could use a helping hand. Remember those that have served before you may do justice to them by serving others after they are gone.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Answer is Chocolate!

My house is not my own. It has been overrun by chaos and uncontrolled emotion. I can’t see the light of day through the gloom that crept through the door. How do I handle it?

The answer is chocolate.

My life has been a rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs, sharp turns and shortstops. One minute things are running along smoothly and then they come to a screeching halt. Or they keep going, and going, and going. How did I handle this?

The answer is chocolate.

I love my life. Without, all these trials and tribulations I may not have met my best friend. Yep, you guessed it... Chocolate.

We have to find humor in life. Laughter is the best medicine. Next to chocolate that is.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Time is Fleeting

It has been a while since my last post.

Time keeps getting in the way. Time to go to work, time to clean the kitchen, time to do the laundry, time to volunteer. Yes, I am an author, however; I am also a wife, a mother, an employee and a volunteer. Some of which I have not had time for lately, such as painting and gardening.

Time is fleeting. It comes, and it goes, and sometimes is missed. We all have many responsibilities in which to attend. And yes sometimes there are more responsibilities than there is time. Time may be fleeting, but it doesn’t have to be discouraging.

So tonight I pick pen and paper and I set aside responsibility to write. Yes, the story continues and I must record it for entertainment’s sake. Anna Winsor continues to fight that which lurks in the shadows. She has come through many trials in her life. But her life is not over yet and sorry to say neither are her trials. The web is being weaved, and the plot thickens. I am hopeful to share A Dangerous Truth this year.

So back to the tale that begs to be told. It needs an ending that will begin “Days of Doom”.