Wednesday, March 22, 2017

To Write or Not to Write...

That is the question???

That may not be the question Shakespeare asked, but I’ll bet there was a time when he questioned his focus. I bet he had days where he wondered if he should continue to write. Look at him today. Well not him exactly, but his work.

We all question our ability to do many things. With a passion such as writing, I think it is natural to second guess our ability. We need to focus. Well and find time to write. Finding time to write is of a challenge recently. There are many distractions that can’t wait. We all have to take care of business before we “play” or write in my case.

There are many words and little time to write them. The story continues at a snail’s pace. Life impedes many things, in my case, it is writing. I long to hide in my office and write. Each time I make my way to the stairs that lead to the “writing room”, I am pulled back into the vortex of life; sucked back through the portal that takes me from my imagination and drops me back in the middle of the business that keeps us asking why?

And so I plug along, “Usher of Truth” continues to unfold as I work toward the release in the fall or winter of 2017.

There are many surprises in store for the Windsor family as the twist of fate weaves the words into the story that will make you wonder what causes people to make the choices they make. Hold on to your hat Sherry (don’t hold your breath though), I weave the words that will tell the tale that will leave you ready for “Days of Doom”. 

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