Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Who Will Be My Voice?

She sat in the corner, quiet as a mouse. I watched her from the door as she looked out into the room. Her eyes darted back and forth to maintain control of her situation. I hated to tell her that though she watched and waited, being backed into a corner she could never defend herself.

I couldn’t help but feel her fear. Those small eyes pierced my soul. My heart broke for her. She sat backed into that corner, her hair tussled and her clothes wrinkled and dirty. I wonder how long she had been wearing them. I noticed the bruise on her right eye. I did not doubt about from where it came. The bruise made me wonder what other wounds she had suffered during her young life.

I stepped into the room and slowly approached her. The closer I got the more I could see her at her young age of four. She stiffened as I approached her. I slowed my pace even more but continued to move forward never taking my eyes off her small body. I stopped in front of her and kneeled on the floor. I didn’t want it to appear that I was overpowering her. I wanted her to see me as a friend, not another threat.

This story is fictitious. However, there are hundreds, no thousands out there like this child that is real. These children are the victims of adults, even parents that have lost sight of the fragile state of these children. The only hope for them besides the resilience that hides behind the fear is the CASA that will be their voice.

I am sure you have heard the statement “we are in an opioid crisis.” This crisis is affecting the children of the addicts at an ever-increasing rate. These children are going through the court system, some without an adult to support them and be their voice.  CASA of New Hampshire is looking for good people to be advocates for these children. Every day people are stepping up to this challenge. However, it isn’t enough. CASA needs more good people to be the voice of the children in need. If you would consider stepping up to this challenge, you will find a reward beyond words. The smile of a child who knows they are safe and loved is priceless.

If you are interested in becoming a CASA or would just like more information, please contact CASA of New Hampshire at (603)626-4600 or e-mail  The CASA of NH website address is

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Creative Procrastination

Sometimes I have to put down the pen and pick up the paint. Here is a reminder of nights gone by. The sky glows a bright green as the stars shine through the brightness of the Northern Lights. It's not A Dangerous Truth, so I now put down the paint and pick up the pen.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

To Write or Not to Write...

That is the question???

That may not be the question Shakespeare asked, but I’ll bet there was a time when he questioned his focus. I bet he had days where he wondered if he should continue to write. Look at him today. Well not him exactly, but his work.

We all question our ability to do many things. With a passion such as writing, I think it is natural to second guess our ability. We need to focus. Well and find time to write. Finding time to write is of a challenge recently. There are many distractions that can’t wait. We all have to take care of business before we “play” or write in my case.

There are many words and little time to write them. The story continues at a snail’s pace. Life impedes many things, in my case, it is writing. I long to hide in my office and write. Each time I make my way to the stairs that lead to the “writing room”, I am pulled back into the vortex of life; sucked back through the portal that takes me from my imagination and drops me back in the middle of the business that keeps us asking why?

And so I plug along, “Usher of Truth” continues to unfold as I work toward the release in the fall or winter of 2017.

There are many surprises in store for the Windsor family as the twist of fate weaves the words into the story that will make you wonder what causes people to make the choices they make. Hold on to your hat Sherry (don’t hold your breath though), I weave the words that will tell the tale that will leave you ready for “Days of Doom”. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Children's Anthology - Kindle Edition

We all get busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I say “we” because I am no different from the rest of humanity. I have many “irons in the fire” so to speak. Because we all spread ourselves thin today, we sometimes have to put the thing we love most on the “back burner”. I have been able to update some of my poetry. You will now find not only the paperback version but the Kindle version of “Children’s Anthology” on Amazon.
One of my favorites is “Sandbox”.

                                      Sand Box
I look out my back window
At where you used to play
I smile as I remember
All the sunny days
I recall your laughter
As I’d sit and watch you play.
In the sandbox, I built for you
Where you’d want to spend the day
At times the sand became a tower
And then it would be gone
Only to become a creation
That came from your precious mind
No matter what you built or made
I loved to watch you play
In the sandbox, I built for you
Those were special days
You’ve since grown up
And moved on
But the memories they remain
The sandbox, I built for you
Will never be the same.

My children inspired the poetry, but I am sure you will relate to the verses you find in “Children’s Anthology”. You may find a favorite of your own. You can find it on Amazon.