Monday, May 2, 2016

Who's Up For The Challenge?

Today I manifest the reality of the truth that will set me free.

What, you say?

We live in a world that tells us how to think, what to believe and how we should act. People constantly tell us we should be politically correct. I’d like to know what the definition of politically correct is. Some tell us to be considerate of others. We should be mindful of their feelings and be accepting of their beliefs and behaviors. While I think this is a good idea, I’d like to know why being politically correct is so one-sided?

I’m sure you think this conversation will turn into a debate, but I must tell you that would be a wild assumption. I believe we should accept others and be tolerant of every individual. I’m just curious who set the boundaries for “political correctness”? Whoever they are, I think they are narrow-minded. I think they have forgotten the people who want to be conservative and have moral values different from the belief system that is being forced on them in the name of political correctness. The bottom line is this. We have political correctness because the government is determining how we should behave and just like everything else the government does they have messed up that.

I will use my mind today to determine how I behave. I will think on my own and in the process be kind and loving and helpful and tolerant. I will decide for myself and allow others the freedom to do the same, without judgment. 

We all need to be tolerant, but it’s time to set aside history and who did what to whom. We need to forgive and move forward. If we keep bringing up what our ancestors did to one another, we can never truly love and forgive. I challenge everyone today who desires to heal and move on to take up forgiveness and make way for gratitude, which opens the heart to love.

If we forgive, we can heal and make way in our minds to grow and learn and make a better life for our children.

Who’s up for the challenge?

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