Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Storm Is Brewing

This morning I turned on my computer and stepped away for a moment while the programs loaded. When I returned good old Windows 10 had once again given me an image to contemplate.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about, but when I saw the image in front of me, it became clear. I saw before me nature unfolding in a dramatic way. I saw in the distant a storm brewing. The clouds were accumulating; gathering as if preparing some scheme, planning its attack. As the clouds became darker and darker the rumble began. The orchestra of sound was escalating and bringing to life the air that had become stagnant. The change became more than apparent as the lightning struck the rocks below. 

The clouds rolled in faster and faster and the sky grew dark and the rains began to fall. The pitter patter of rain slowly became a pounding that drowned out the sounds of the birds as they scattered to find a safe haven from the storm. The lightening was followed by the booming crash of thunder that resonated across the sky, the vibration being absorbed by the earth below.

As I studied the image a thought came to my mind. This scene that played out in front of me was so similar to the life we are experiencing today. As we sit back and study the course of recent time we see the parallel between the storm in the sky and what we are living through right now. The stormy energy has been brewing for a long time. The wrath of the human race is about to be unleashed just as the lightening is emitted in the sky. The booming anger of mankind is drowning out the beautiful sounds of nature. We can’t see the forest through the trees because we have become so focused on negative energy that we can’t let our guard down to let in the light.

What a comparison. Think of it. As the clouds accumulate and absorb the negative energy; human kind is absorbing all the negativity around them. Negativity begets negativity. It grows like a plague until it is unleashed on society and kills the kindness that we have been ignoring... The storm in the sky is unleashed on the earth and we have natural catastrophe all over the globe. On a human level we are doing the same thing. We have unleashed the negativity on each other and there is very little peace. 

I believe the calm before the storm is long gone now. We are in the midst of a storm that is out of control. Maybe if we change our energy it will affect the energy around us. Mankind was given a responsibility to love and protect. We have forgotten that as we sling negativity at one another. Maybe it’s time the tides turn. If nature can do it we can as well.

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