Monday, April 11, 2016

Will "A Dangerous Truth" bring "Days of Doom"?

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is the only thing left to do. 

 I write because I desire to write more than anything else. I write because it is an outlet that brings me to challenge myself and push myself to the brink of reality where I jump over the edge into the abyss of the unknown. As I fall into the darkness, a light comes on and I create. The spark that ignites the imagination, lights up a region of my mind awakened and excited by the challenge and the rush as I fall faster and faster. Until just before I hit the ground I realize I have created an idea I can run with. I then hit the ground running, never looking back only looking ahead to the final page that will bring life to the characters that entertain and amuse.

I continue to challenge myself every day as I open my mind to the continuing story of “A Dangerous Truth” The novel has passed the halfway stage and is in its final stretch. I will soon work on the cover in anticipation of the second completed work of the series. 

It all began with “Ways of War” where I introduced the characters into the dark world as it existed after World War II. The Cold War brought about the fears some of which still prey upon us today. As we moved through “Ways of War” and out of the Vietnam Struggle, we move into a time when the government used men; soldiers as test subjects; unwittingly. “A Dangerous Truth” brings out of the shadows the evil that has haunted our nation for decades. I unveil these little horrors, and the truth ushers in a realization that many still need to heal from the dangerous truth. Our brave men have returned to American life only to have their needs pushed aside and not addressed. This causes further strain on our nation and as I address these issues others, you’ll see others pushed to the back of the closet and given a label of shame by our government. 

It will surprise you to find that as “A Dangerous Truth” exits stage left you will I will leave you with a haunting question. You find that answer in “Days of Doom” where we move into our current generation and issues. As we move out of “A Dangerous Truth” you will question some of what we label as mind control and brainwashing. It will push you to the edge of a reality we know where you will ask, “Could this be true?” Some things are stranger than fiction.

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