Monday, April 4, 2016

"Ways of War" Makes Way For "A Dangerous Truth"

As I slowly creep closer to the completion of “A Dangerous Truth”, I become more intertwined with the characters that make up the story that picks up where “Ways of War” left off. 

Each character has an important role to play in the book. While Anna remains the central character, she slowly makes way for those that will make up the continuing saga of the powers that be. Who are they? Who makes up the powers that be? That is a question as unending as the circle of life. The tides turn and time changes and as they do the powers that be, shift and change too. One moment you are looking over your left shoulder, the next moment your enemy is at your right hand. Take care who you trust as you try to figure out who your friends are. 

The picture I paint is a picture that makes its way through history. Not my history, but the history of time and events that affect our neighbors as surely as they affect us. The story remains historical fiction so you recognize that the times and events are actual events, however; the people are not. There are many events within the history of our great country, which live in the shadows. This series represents a side of our country we must learn from so we can avoid making the same mistakes. I am hopeful this tale will lead you to think and reason. I am hoping it will inspire us all to be better than what we have been. 

Watch for “Usher of Truth”. Keep your eyes open as Anna opens hers to a reality she was hoping to avoid. It will surprise you where the events of “A Dangerous Truth” take you. You will end up asking yourself the ultimate question. Is that really truth or fiction?

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