Monday, April 25, 2016

"Ways of War" and The Answers We Seek

The human spirit is a mystery that has inspired, haunted and stumped the race for all of recorded history. You could compare the obsession to the race to space. As soon as man realized he could fly he planned and scheming on how to get to the moon; then beyond.

Religions around the world are obsessed with getting to heaven. They all aspire to this through prayer; meditation. The only problem with this is it has become a competition instead of the driving force to love one another. Instead of sharing what they learn about enlightenment, they keep it hidden; a deep secret that hides from us “because we are not ready to know”. Well, who may determine when we are ready to accept love and send it out to the world?

“Ways of War” is of a parallel to this conversation. Although it is not a religious or metaphysical novel and it does not explore the enlightenment of man, I could compare it to the competitive level. It reveals the struggle of man to control who has and knows what. It reveals the in secant need of man to have power through control. It is a novel that explores a time in history when many questioned the powers that be and to rebel. “Ways of War” is the beginning of a series that continues the quest that began when man asked “why”.

The series begins with the struggles of the Cold War. As we move into “A Dangerous Truth” we see the evil that man brought upon itself. It may have initially been unintentional, but once we open the door and the invitation’s accepted, the evils flood through it with such a force it is near impossible to close the door. I say near impossible because nothing is impossible. The human spirit is resilient and able to bounce back from anything. As we work our way through “Days of Doom” we will see the light that will save us from ourselves. Watch and wait! As the story continues to unfold we get closer to the answers, we all desire to know.

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