Monday, April 18, 2016

There is Light After Days of Doom

We're moving into the mind where we continually push aside the reality that exists, yet we are afraid to see it. Who knows why we are afraid of the thoughts that can set us free? 

As we move through the series that begins with "Ways of War" we start to touch on the idea that the mind is the key to our enlightenment. Yet as we continue to work our way into "Usher of Truth" we realize that even though mankind believes the mind is the key to our happiness, he can't see past his own greed and power to see the real power. The power that is hidden deep in our minds is a personal power one that is the answer to our success and failure. It is the key that unlocks our happiness and the feeling of self-worth.

All of these things will be revealed as we get closer to "Days of Doom", the third book in the series that explores the hidden potential of the mind. In "Days of Doom" the idea that the mind controls more than we could ever imagine (even though it is imaginable), brings to light the possibility as to why the world is traveling down a path that brings us closer and closer to the life that we have all been wishing to avoid.

There is hope for humankind though. As "Days of Doom" comes to a close the story will continue. It will bring forth the possibility for some of finally seeing the role our minds play in a life that some have already discovered.

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