Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Energy Exist in The Story

As I move through “Usher of Truth” I am realizing more and more the evil or bad energy that exists in the world. There have been so many invasions on people. Their lives have been upset by the power and greed that permeate the globe. No wonder we had the hippie generation. It is through them that love returns to the world. 
Think about it. Within a generation the world had experienced two world wars multiple regional wars and the institution of evil all around the planet; all this while we in our country are encouraged to live our lives in the light of goodness and love. The religions of the world advertise peace and love and yet they kill in the name of that love. The world has been listening to the wrong drummer. We have been dancing to a tune that blindly destroys many, without them even knowing it.

This is definitely not a lesson in faith or religion. I think that we should all be able to practice whatever faith or belief that our heart is prompting us toward, but as long as it only affects the person with the belief. We have so many things still to learn. 

As I tie up the loose ends in “Usher of Truth” the story is already continuing in “Days of Doom”. In the continuing story you will see where my earlier statement, “no wonder we had the hippie generation. It is through them that love returns to the world" comes in to play. There is an energy born into the world during this generation. One which will be the tide that turns us all away from the evil or dark energy and steers us toward the light that will bring the world peace. It is in an ever growing energy that will consume the world before we can be truly happy. It will be through a select few who are strong enough to hear the message, that we can truly see the light and turn from the ways that in the name of enlightenment (through science).

So watch for "Usher of Truth in it summer of 2016. And look forward to "Days of Doom" as the story continues to bring forth questions and ideas that push the envelope of the human mind into an idea that very few consider.

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