Thursday, April 28, 2016

Energy and Dreams... and Reality That Sits in The Shadows.

I grew up in Alaska; the land of the last frontier. It really is a place that captures your imagination. The wide open space gives leave for your mind to imagine unlimited possibilities. Alaska is probably where I gained the ability to think freely and use my imagination. 

Alaska holds a fascination for many people today. Look at the programs on TV that promote and sensationalize the still untapped land. There are many places to see and much space to conquer, however besides the challenge that nature brings, you will find so much peace. 
Each time I return I feel the sensation of fulfillment, my body absorbs it like a sponge. There is an energy radiating from the earth that few taps into. We are all made up of energy. It pulses through our body and we absorb it into every cell in our being. In Alaska, you can sense the current flowing through your veins. When you sit and listen, you can feel the peace as it settles into your soul.

As I mentioned, I grew up in this land of mystery. My mom is still there. My blog today is personal as I reach out to those of you who have connected to my writing. Sometimes I think the people that read and study the works we create are the ones that understand us the best. So I reach out to you in hopes you will spread the word and assist me in my endeavor. 

My mom has decided to sell her little home in Soldotna. It is a beautiful 4-acre lot secluded from town, yet close enough to be convenient to shops and hospital. Part of me hates to see her sell, but as she gets older, it would be a comfort to have her close. We are hoping to have the house sold by the end of August of this year. I know it may be a long stretch because I know some of you are not even in the country. If you don’t mind assisting a daughter and a mother ready to sell, I would be very grateful if you could pass along the information. 

We have a website set up with information relative to the listing If you go to the site you will see pictures of the home. We all long to be close to loved ones and family as we get older. I am hoping there is someone out there that will find a connection to this little gem and allow my mom the opportunity to be close to her family in her senior years. 

Thank you all for supporting my work and giving me the opportunity to entertain you. I also thank you for helping me to assist my mom.

The website is My Alaskan House

Monday, April 25, 2016

"Ways of War" and The Answers We Seek

The human spirit is a mystery that has inspired, haunted and stumped the race for all of recorded history. You could compare the obsession to the race to space. As soon as man realized he could fly he planned and scheming on how to get to the moon; then beyond.

Religions around the world are obsessed with getting to heaven. They all aspire to this through prayer; meditation. The only problem with this is it has become a competition instead of the driving force to love one another. Instead of sharing what they learn about enlightenment, they keep it hidden; a deep secret that hides from us “because we are not ready to know”. Well, who may determine when we are ready to accept love and send it out to the world?

“Ways of War” is of a parallel to this conversation. Although it is not a religious or metaphysical novel and it does not explore the enlightenment of man, I could compare it to the competitive level. It reveals the struggle of man to control who has and knows what. It reveals the in secant need of man to have power through control. It is a novel that explores a time in history when many questioned the powers that be and to rebel. “Ways of War” is the beginning of a series that continues the quest that began when man asked “why”.

The series begins with the struggles of the Cold War. As we move into “A Dangerous Truth” we see the evil that man brought upon itself. It may have initially been unintentional, but once we open the door and the invitation’s accepted, the evils flood through it with such a force it is near impossible to close the door. I say near impossible because nothing is impossible. The human spirit is resilient and able to bounce back from anything. As we work our way through “Days of Doom” we will see the light that will save us from ourselves. Watch and wait! As the story continues to unfold we get closer to the answers, we all desire to know.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ways of War Through Days of Doom When Will We Learn?

In many ways, we are all looking for the same thing. It may sound ironic, but wouldn't world peace be wonderful? We have missed the boat so many time that I wonder if we even remember what the boat looks like.

Yes, world peace is the ideal humankind has searched out for centuries. The leaders of the world sell themselves on the idea of peace, yet when they are put in a position of power somehow they change. Their idea of peace is replaced by the power that overtakes them and rules their heart.

We often hear that "times have changed". And though times have changed in some regards, there are the underlying issues that keep surfacing only so that history keeps repeating itself. You will see the same struggles surfacing in "Ways of War" that have plagued humankind for centuries. Men want to control one another. They are competing for ultimate control by whatever means necessary to conquer the weak. The powerful possess the means to make the world a better place, but they squander it and end up destroying the very thing they claim to want to help. In "A Dangerous Truth you will see more of the same as those in control continue to "miss the boat" to peace. Your eyes will be opened though. You will see a shift in the energy that moves the world in one direction then the other. 

As you move through "A Dangerous Truth" you will realize that the answer to the saving grace of humankind is not steeped in power, wealth or greed, it will be realized in a far superior way, yet the answer is so simple. Wonder and ask why? As Days of Doom comes to an end it will be as clear as day. Times do change and stories are told, yet the lesson remains unlearned. When will we ever learn?

Monday, April 18, 2016

There is Light After Days of Doom

We're moving into the mind where we continually push aside the reality that exists, yet we are afraid to see it. Who knows why we are afraid of the thoughts that can set us free? 

As we move through the series that begins with "Ways of War" we start to touch on the idea that the mind is the key to our enlightenment. Yet as we continue to work our way into "Usher of Truth" we realize that even though mankind believes the mind is the key to our happiness, he can't see past his own greed and power to see the real power. The power that is hidden deep in our minds is a personal power one that is the answer to our success and failure. It is the key that unlocks our happiness and the feeling of self-worth.

All of these things will be revealed as we get closer to "Days of Doom", the third book in the series that explores the hidden potential of the mind. In "Days of Doom" the idea that the mind controls more than we could ever imagine (even though it is imaginable), brings to light the possibility as to why the world is traveling down a path that brings us closer and closer to the life that we have all been wishing to avoid.

There is hope for humankind though. As "Days of Doom" comes to a close the story will continue. It will bring forth the possibility for some of finally seeing the role our minds play in a life that some have already discovered.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Energy Exists in The Story

As I move through “A Dangerous Truth” I realize increasingly the evil or bad energy that exists in the world. There have been so many invasions on people. Their lives upset by the power and greed that permeate the globe. No wonder we had the hippie generation. It is through them that love returns to the world. 

Think about it. Within a generation the world had experienced two world wars multiple regional wars and the institution of evil all around the planet; it encourages all this to live our lives in the light of goodness and love. The religions of the world advertise peace and love and yet they kill in the name of that love. The world has been listening to the wrong drummer. We have been dancing to a tune that blindly destroys many, without them even knowing it.

This is definitely not a lesson in faith or religion. I think we should all be able to practice whatever faith or belief that our heart is prompting us toward, but as long as it only affects the person with the belief. We have so many things still to learn. 

As I tie up the loose ends in “A Dangerous Truth” the story is already continuing in “Days of Doom”. In the continuing story, you will see where my earlier statement, “no wonder we had the hippie generation. It is through them that love returns to the world” comes in to play. There is an energy born into the world during this generation. One which will be the tide that turns us all away from the evil or dark energy and steers us toward the light that will bring the world peace. It is in an ever-growing energy that will consume the world before we can be happy. It will be through a select few who are strong enough to hear the message we can truly see the light and turn from the ways that in the name of enlightenment (through science).

So watch for “A Dangerous Truth” in the winter of 2018. And look forward to “Days of Doom” as the story continues to bring forth questions and ideas that push the envelope of the human mind into an idea that few consider.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Will "A Dangerous Truth" bring "Days of Doom"?

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is the only thing left to do. 

 I write because I desire to write more than anything else. I write because it is an outlet that brings me to challenge myself and push myself to the brink of reality where I jump over the edge into the abyss of the unknown. As I fall into the darkness, a light comes on and I create. The spark that ignites the imagination, lights up a region of my mind awakened and excited by the challenge and the rush as I fall faster and faster. Until just before I hit the ground I realize I have created an idea I can run with. I then hit the ground running, never looking back only looking ahead to the final page that will bring life to the characters that entertain and amuse.

I continue to challenge myself every day as I open my mind to the continuing story of “A Dangerous Truth” The novel has passed the halfway stage and is in its final stretch. I will soon work on the cover in anticipation of the second completed work of the series. 

It all began with “Ways of War” where I introduced the characters into the dark world as it existed after World War II. The Cold War brought about the fears some of which still prey upon us today. As we moved through “Ways of War” and out of the Vietnam Struggle, we move into a time when the government used men; soldiers as test subjects; unwittingly. “A Dangerous Truth” brings out of the shadows the evil that has haunted our nation for decades. I unveil these little horrors, and the truth ushers in a realization that many still need to heal from the dangerous truth. Our brave men have returned to American life only to have their needs pushed aside and not addressed. This causes further strain on our nation and as I address these issues others, you’ll see others pushed to the back of the closet and given a label of shame by our government. 

It will surprise you to find that as “A Dangerous Truth” exits stage left you will I will leave you with a haunting question. You find that answer in “Days of Doom” where we move into our current generation and issues. As we move out of “A Dangerous Truth” you will question some of what we label as mind control and brainwashing. It will push you to the edge of a reality we know where you will ask, “Could this be true?” Some things are stranger than fiction.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Writers Block - NO, NOT AGAIN!

My Blog will not come today.
My mind is blocked, it's lost it's way
I have so many things to say
But life has gotten in the way
Do not despair, don't go away
The blog will return in a couple days
Tracy Gregory

Monday, April 4, 2016

"Ways of War" Makes Way For "A Dangerous Truth"

As I slowly creep closer to the completion of “A Dangerous Truth”, I become more intertwined with the characters that make up the story that picks up where “Ways of War” left off. 

Each character has an important role to play in the book. While Anna remains the central character, she slowly makes way for those that will make up the continuing saga of the powers that be. Who are they? Who makes up the powers that be? That is a question as unending as the circle of life. The tides turn and time changes and as they do the powers that be, shift and change too. One moment you are looking over your left shoulder, the next moment your enemy is at your right hand. Take care who you trust as you try to figure out who your friends are. 

The picture I paint is a picture that makes its way through history. Not my history, but the history of time and events that affect our neighbors as surely as they affect us. The story remains historical fiction so you recognize that the times and events are actual events, however; the people are not. There are many events within the history of our great country, which live in the shadows. This series represents a side of our country we must learn from so we can avoid making the same mistakes. I am hopeful this tale will lead you to think and reason. I am hoping it will inspire us all to be better than what we have been. 

Watch for “Usher of Truth”. Keep your eyes open as Anna opens hers to a reality she was hoping to avoid. It will surprise you where the events of “A Dangerous Truth” take you. You will end up asking yourself the ultimate question. Is that really truth or fiction?