Monday, March 28, 2016

Ways of War Excerpt - Chapter Two

“Our country is soon to be tested yet again. I can sense it as I listen to the buzz and watch the news unfold in Southeast Asia. Prepare yourselves gentlemen for the next war. Mark my words it will be just a matter of months, not years, before we throw ourselves into the middle of a battle between communism and the desire to live as a free people. We will be a part of this war, and will use it to our benefit. We will use it as a tool to test our theories, perform additional experiments, and create an opportunity to work on the inside as we fine tune this program.” An anxious

voice spoke out from the far end of the table. “What are you talking about? What will we be doing over there? What can we do there that we can’t do here? And ultimately how much will all this cost? " The Director interrupted."You don’t need to worry about any of that. None of you will be leaving the country. What I am speaking of is the opportunity to use our military to perform in a vastly superior way to the enemy. We will prepare certain men before they leave the country that will perform specific duties beyond anything previously thought possible; the creation of a super soldier
that will outperform any other. I am working on the particulars with regards to how we will be able to monitor such a test so that we can document the performance. Once we perfect the operation we will be able to create a super army that will defeat the enemy. Once this happens we can begin the real work.” Again a question erupts from within the room. “If the soldier is not the work then what is?” “That need not be a concern of yours yet. I will keep you all informed as time and opportunity allow. You just need to be ready.” He paused, briefly then continued. “I think this meeting is adjourned. You will be contacted and given information concerning our next meeting. That is all.” With his final words he turned and left the room.

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