Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Risk of Letting Go

We all experience the stress of everyday life. We get beaten back by the same things daily; the job, the traffic, the relationships if which we have no control. They are all part of the existence we call life.  The biggest obstacle we face however is our own, barrier of negative energy. 

What would happen if we let go? What if we let go of the voices that tell us we are not good enough if we ignore the nagging repetitive mantra that sabotages our day?  Just think of the space we’d be freeing up to create and to believe in ourselves? 

So many of us feel controlled by the outside world, we listen to the media tell us how to live. We are drowning in the incessant words that make us believe we will never measure up because we don’t conform. It’s time to let go.

 It’s time to let go of the criticism of the world. Leave it to its own misery and create.  Create the job you want. Create the relationships you want. Leave the world to its own misery. You have no control or effect on the world if you can’t control or affect your own existence.  We have all heard the saying if you want to change the world, start by changing yourself. We can cause the change we want to see by changing the way we see things. Open your eyes and your heart today. Look at the world for the possibilities that exist, not the negativity created by the world. 

We all take a risk in letting go. We risk the ridicule of others who may not see the possibilities we see. Remember the ridicule you hear is not the proof you are not good enough. It is your confirmation that society has not let go. The people around you have not looked within and realized they have their own struggles. Sometimes it is easier to criticize someone else rather than to address the problems that exist for that individual. Have your own point of view. Create your own existence. We don’t live in a cookie cutter world, contrary to popular belief.

So, take a risk today. Let go. Let go of the world around you, create that job and that relationship. Write and paint; tell your story by whatever means you feel compelled. Let go; be creative. Be you.

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