Monday, March 7, 2016

The Creative Vision

The creative vision is singular. This seems like an odd statement to make about a craft that is closely judged and critiqued by so many. But if you think about it, the initial phase of a story is the single thought born of the author that begins to tell the tale.

The single thought then cascades into what becomes a story that will (hopefully) be enjoyed by many. The story teller doesn't assume the catalyst of his or her creation to be the entertainment of others, but of the creative genius he/she imagines exists in the mind.

This in itself becomes the driving force in the continuation of what will be a completed novel, poem or play. The author takes the single thought and brings it to life on the page. With each page the suspense builds until the climax brings the reader to the edge of their seat. Then slowly; methodically and with great care the author ties up the loose ends and brings the tale to completion neatly and with great care.

What a wonderful way to express our creativity. What adds to the wonder is that this singular vision; this small glimmer of light streams through the imagination of the creator and ultimately shines brightly on the world. Then offers not only entertainment but the hope of escape from the everyday to those that desire to travel to strange new worlds and experience the lives of people that only exist in the mind.

We should celebrate our creativity. Creativity adds intrigue and interest to the lives of those who are too busy to stop and allow their minds to imagine. 

Here is to your creative genius!  Thank you for entertaining the world.

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