Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Conspiracies of "Ways of War"

Life is one big conspiracy!

When you wake up in the morning and begin your day, are you sure you’re living your day and not dreaming it? What are the chances you are waking to an alternate reality? How do you know you are not living a dream?

Scary isn’t it?

It makes you stop and think. What if the lessons taught your whole life are wrong? Someone has taught you to wake up and live your life; go about your day, then end it by going to sleep. You go to sleep to regenerate your mind and body so you can repeat the process. Maybe you are dreaming about your day and living your night.

Well, now we have that weird experience out of the way we can continue with the statement life is one big conspiracy. That I think is more believable than thinking you are walking through your dreams in an alternate reality. As you work your way through “Ways of War” you may wonder where the conspiracies begin and real life ends. It’s both frightening and amazing what a man will do to attain power. It is equally frightening to sit back and wonder, who will be next!

I think I have been spending too much time doing research for “Usher of Truth”. My mind is a jumbled mess of mind mush. How’s that for an alliteration?

Okay, breaks over, back to research.

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