Monday, March 21, 2016

Does Love Heal All Wounds?

When you think about the relationships you experience in your life, do you ever wonder if they are real? 

Wow! What a statement. Relationships, real… hmm

We interact with many people throughout our day. How many of those become scripted into our life? What percent of the people you come in contact with do you find written into your day intentionally? Is that something you ever consider? You are walking down the street or standing in line at the store, and someone stops to talk to you. Is it a chance meeting or is there some design behind it? It’s something to consider.

If you have read “Ways of War” you have experienced alongside Anna Windsor this idea. She is struggling through a difficult time in her life when a scripted distraction changes the direction of her life unknowingly. As you read through the story, you may wonder who experiences the more significant change. The mind is an organ that others can manipulate to unending degrees, depending on the weakness of the subject. While one may think they are using someone as a tool or weapon, it could turn out that the subject becomes the teacher. 

Sometimes when you remove the human connection you also remove the power to reason. When you remove the human element, you eliminate any bias or link to your subject. But you also remove the ability to view the life of your subject through their eyes or through the eyes of those you are trying to affect. 

Consider this. The power of love can mold and manipulate the mind. We see it every day as we read about broken hearts and relationships gone wrong. If love has that kind of power over us could it not also can undo great evils? As you read “Ways of War” you see that love has the power to heal and to change the world, maybe not instantly but over time. Watch the lives of those in the story unfold and learn the greater lesson. Love can truly heal all wounds, but only if you mind is open to the idea.

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