Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Conspiracies of "Ways of War"

Life is one big conspiracy!

When you wake up in the morning and begin your day, are you sure you’re living your day and not dreaming it? What are the chances you are waking to an alternate reality? How do you know you are not living a dream?

Scary isn’t it?

It makes you stop and think. What if the lessons taught your whole life are wrong? Someone has taught you to wake up and live your life; go about your day, then end it by going to sleep. You go to sleep to regenerate your mind and body so you can repeat the process. Maybe you are dreaming about your day and living your night.

Well, now we have that weird experience out of the way we can continue with the statement life is one big conspiracy. That I think is more believable than thinking you are walking through your dreams in an alternate reality. As you work your way through “Ways of War” you may wonder where the conspiracies begin and real life ends. It’s both frightening and amazing what a man will do to attain power. It is equally frightening to sit back and wonder, who will be next!

I think I have been spending too much time doing research for “Usher of Truth”. My mind is a jumbled mess of mind mush. How’s that for an alliteration?

Okay, breaks over, back to research.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I Remember When - A Tribute to our Veterans

I remember as a child my uncles coming to say goodbye to us as they went off to Vietnam. They left on separate occasions and I remember little of the details, however; I recall I was young and knew nothing of the politics or protests of the time. I felt scared for my Uncles as they went off to this foreign place so far away. It scared me to think of what might happen to them; that I may never see them again. They didn’t seem that old as it was. How could they be old enough to go to war? I thought. I guess the government had not considered that.

     How foolish we are as children. I guess the government didn’t think of that. As an adult, I laugh at that reasoning; the reasoning of a child not yet of school age. I realize and have for a long time now that war waits for no man, not even a young man, a boy really. As we’ve seen in the wars of the world overseas and here at home, no one considers age and wisdom are when they decide that people should sacrifice their lives for a belief or ideal. It is a shame that in the instance of my uncles and hundreds of thousands of others the war our government sent them to fight was one of futile insignificance.

     Our government sent our young men off to a place that many consider beautiful today, but was once a place of death and destruction. So many men have given so much of themselves for a cause that had no relevance to us. Oh, I know communism was the cause, yet now that little country is no threat to us. Sometimes I think our government has such a desire to share what we have they fail to see the forest through the trees. Just because it is what we want and have worked so hard to attain, and just because it may be what another people in other countries want doesn’t mean they are ready for it. Our forefathers were ready. They had had enough and wanted something better. I do not believe the people of South Vietnam (so-called at the time) were ready for independence and freedom. They were not ready to do it on their own, so they were not ready for the responsibility that freedom brings.

     Our family was fortunate. Both my uncles came home physically unharmed though I would never know if there was any emotional scarring. I only knew years later that one of my uncles received the Bronze Star for valor. He has since passed away and he never mentioned it, never spoke of his heroism. I do not know why, maybe because of the stigma attached to that police action, maybe he wanted to forget. I will never know.

     For many years I pondered this dilemma and the degradation of our men and women who struggled with the stigma of being inhumane and for putting so many people in harm's way. While, right here the same people who criticized and ridiculed those men and women were doing the same thing in their own way. Yes, there were many peaceful protests yet in other areas, we saw violence and chaos. Some violence caused by our government, but our young people protesting in the streets inflicted even more. Now if you think about it they were no better than the men who went off to fight.

     It is now many years later and the war, conflict or police action in question still haunts our minds and hearts as we continue to help the world in their desire for freedom. We now use Vietnam as an example. We use it as a learning experience hoping we don’t repeat our mistakes of the past, somehow what I see today just shows we have not learned enough.

     For years I have remembered and wondered and hoped. As an adult with the past being brought back to visit or haunt us, I recall all these feelings and am compelled to defend these men and women. I feel a desire to honor and respect them in a time when as we continue to fight the world's battles, to give credit to our military who our government once denied because of the stigma placed by not only protesters but the press who sensationalized and promoted the war at home while making our military out to be the enemy.

     I hope to pay tribute to our brave men and women who stood up and did their duty to their county when it was not popular to do so. To my uncles, their friends, the husbands, sons, brothers, sisters, mothers, and daughters who were not only brave to fight the enemy overseas but also braved enough to face the enemy at home not only on their return but for many years after. A million times I thank you and I have unlimited amounts of respect for each you. It may be many years later, but it is heartfelt and though I may have been too young at the time to realize the consequence of our government's actions I am sorry for all you have lost over the years and I pray, you may have been able to find peace in your lives today.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Ways of War Excerpt - Chapter Two

“Our country is soon to be tested yet again. I can sense it as I listen to the buzz and watch the news unfold in Southeast Asia. Prepare yourselves gentlemen for the next war. Mark my words it will be just a matter of months, not years before we throw ourselves into the middle of a battle between communism and the desire to live as a free people. We will be a part of this war and will use it to our benefit. We will use it as a tool to test our theories, perform additional experiments, and create an opportunity to work on the inside as we fine-tune this program.” An anxious

voice spoke out from the far end of the table. “What are you talking about? What will we be doing over there? What can we do there that we can’t do here? And ultimately how much will all this cost? "  The Director interrupted. You need not worry about any of that. None of you will leave the country. What I am speaking of is the opportunity to use our military to perform in a superior way to the enemy. We will prepare certain men before they leave the country that will perform specific duties beyond anything previously thought possible; the creation of a super soldier
that will outperform any other. I am working on the details regarding how we will monitor such a test so we can document the performance. Once we perfect the operation, we will create a super army that will defeat the enemy. Once this happens we can begin the real work. Again a question erupts from within the room. “If the soldier is not the work then what is?” “That need not be a concern of yours yet. I will keep you all informed as time and opportunity allow. You need to be ready.” He paused,  then continued. “I guess that’s it. Meeting adjourned. We will contact you and provide information concerning our next meeting. That is all.” With his final words he turned and left the room.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Risk of Letting Go

We all experience the stress of everyday life. We get beaten back by the same things daily; the job, the traffic, the relationships if which we have no control. They are all part of the existence we call life.  The biggest obstacle we face however is our own, barrier of negative energy. 

What would happen if we let go? What if we let go of the voices that tell us we are not good enough if we ignore the nagging repetitive mantra that sabotages our day?  Just think of the space we’d be freeing up to create and to believe in ourselves? 

So many of us feel controlled by the outside world, we listen to the media tell us how to live. We are drowning in the incessant words that make us believe we will never measure up because we don’t conform. It’s time to let go.

 It’s time to let go of the criticism of the world. Leave it to its own misery and create.  Create the job you want. Create the relationships you want. Leave the world to its own misery. You have no control or effect on the world if you can’t control or affect your own existence.  We have all heard the saying if you want to change the world, start by changing yourself. We can cause the change we want to see by changing the way we see things. Open your eyes and your heart today. Look at the world for the possibilities that exist, not the negativity created by the world. 

We all take a risk in letting go. We risk the ridicule of others who may not see the possibilities we see. Remember the ridicule you hear is not the proof you are not good enough. It is your confirmation that society has not let go. The people around you have not looked within and realized they have their own struggles. Sometimes it is easier to criticize someone else rather than to address the problems that exist for that individual. Have your own point of view. Create your own existence. We don’t live in a cookie cutter world, contrary to popular belief.

So, take a risk today. Let go. Let go of the world around you, create that job and that relationship. Write and paint; tell your story by whatever means you feel compelled. Let go; be creative. Be you.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Does Love Heal All Wounds?

When you think about the relationships you experience in your life, do you ever wonder if they are real? 

Wow! What a statement. Relationships, real… hmm

We interact with many people throughout our day. How many of those become scripted into our life? What percent of the people you come in contact with do you find written into your day intentionally? Is that something you ever consider? You are walking down the street or standing in line at the store, and someone stops to talk to you. Is it a chance meeting or is there some design behind it? It’s something to consider.

If you have read “Ways of War” you have experienced alongside Anna Windsor this idea. She is struggling through a difficult time in her life when a scripted distraction changes the direction of her life unknowingly. As you read through the story, you may wonder who experiences the more significant change. The mind is an organ that others can manipulate to unending degrees, depending on the weakness of the subject. While one may think they are using someone as a tool or weapon, it could turn out that the subject becomes the teacher. 

Sometimes when you remove the human connection you also remove the power to reason. When you remove the human element, you eliminate any bias or link to your subject. But you also remove the ability to view the life of your subject through their eyes or through the eyes of those you are trying to affect. 

Consider this. The power of love can mold and manipulate the mind. We see it every day as we read about broken hearts and relationships gone wrong. If love has that kind of power over us could it not also can undo great evils? As you read “Ways of War” you see that love has the power to heal and to change the world, maybe not instantly but over time. Watch the lives of those in the story unfold and learn the greater lesson. Love can truly heal all wounds, but only if you mind is open to the idea.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Eyes of a Stranger - Excerpt

     In the beginning, I received his letters regularly. As time passed, however, they became less frequent and finally I hardly ever received them. I worried constantly. My mind would go off on these tangents of wonder that became figments of my imagination. There were mornings when I would sit at the table drinking my coffee as my mind took on a life of its own. It would tell me that the letter didn’t come because someone had killed him and I had not been notified yet. Then I would glance toward the door wondering if it were true. I would watch the door contemplating what it would feel like to be told my husband had died for reasons that no one could define. I could hear the clock ticking on the wall. Tick, tock, tick, tock, the silence of the room was closing in on me. It became more deafening as the noise of the clock grew more intense. Tick Tock, Tick, Tock! The palms of my hands sweat as the scenario continued to run through my mind. The door seemed to get closer as the silence became unbearable and the sound of the clock was all I could hear. TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK! My heart beat faster than skipped a beat….

Monday, March 14, 2016

Skeletons in The Closet of Time

Ways of War is a story told during a time in history that looks similar to what we are experiencing today. As the story unfolds, you will see it tells the tale during a time of great change in the United States.  The time I refer to is the sixties and early seventies. Our country was going through growing pains again. Some issues on the minds of Americans were civil rights, women’s rights and the Vietnam War to name a few.

 Ways of War hinges upon the Vietnam War in particular. Not because it was more important than any other issues, but because it is something that touched me on a personal level. We said goodbye to family members; we worried about them and were fortunate enough to welcome them home.  The effects of that era left their permanent mark. I have always felt that those men who fought got shortchanged in their service. They did what their government called them to do; whether by draft or volunteer. They were neither thanked nor rewarded.

There are so many things to say about the Vietnam Struggle. There are several things that people fail to understand. Some misunderstand because they are ignorant of the facts while others didn’t understand because they were too self-involved to pay attention. No matter what the political view, there will always be debate over that time in history. Regardless of the policies and politics, our military should always return to the open loving arms of those who stayed behind. 

I believe many learned from that time in history. Unfortunately, there is still much to consider. Ways of War is just a subtle reminder of a time long past and a lesson we are still learning from. It is a story told intertwined with other events. Some of which you may not know of. Our history is dark. We are a great nation, yes. But as with any nation, there are skeletons in the closets of time. The cost of progress is paid with human life. No matter how you look at it.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

The human brain is one of the great mysteries of the world. It is an organ detrimental to human life. It can allow us to do great things. It also can destroy humanity.

We as human beings are curious by nature. We want to know how everything works. I know some will say the knowledge to understand the human brain is the key to unlocking compassion and the ability to help people live a better life. While this may be true, it can also be said this same knowledge is more likely to destroy us.

Man can love. We see it in our families and in our communities as we lift each other and help each other succeed in our desire to proper. If you look closer, however, you also see that beyond our immediate families and local communities there is a greater desire to unlock the mysteries of the mind to gain power!

As you work your way through “A Dangerous Truth” you will see the reality of the desire to win the race for ultimate knowledge! Watch as the secrets of our world are unlocked and spilled at our feet. Beware of those advancements touted in the name of a better quality of life. If we review our history, we see that nothing comes without great sacrifice. The understanding of the human brain is no different. Be wary, watch you, children. Be diligent and know the people closest to you; the ones you have lived with and grown to love, may have a secret, a secret so deep even they are not aware of it.

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Creative Vision

The creative vision is singular. This seems like an odd statement to make about a craft that many closely judge and critique. But if you think about it, the initial phase of a story is the single thought born of the author that tells the tale.

The single thought then cascades into what becomes a story that many will (hopefully)enjoy. The storyteller doesn’t assume the catalyst of his or her creation to be the entertainment of others, but of the creative genius he/she imagines exists in the mind.

This becomes the driving force in the continuation of what becomes a completed novel, poem or play. The author takes a single thought and brings it to life on the page. With, each page, the suspense builds until the climax brings the reader to the edge of their seat. Then slowly; methodically and with great care, the author ties up the loose ends and brings the tale to completion neatly and with great care.

What a wonderful way to express our creativity. What adds to the wonder is that this singular vision; this small glimmer of light streams through the imagination of the creator and ultimately shines brightly on the world. Then offers not only entertainment but the hope of escape from the everyday to those that desire to travel to strange new worlds and experience the lives of people that only exist in the mind.

We should celebrate our creativity. Creativity adds intrigue and interest to the lives of those who are too busy to stop and allow their minds to imagine. 

Here is to your creative genius!  Thank you for entertaining the world.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What's The Use?

Nick wants to believe in humankind. He wants to believe the world is good. Unfortunately, he keeps running into people that would prove the contrary. He is continually let down by the country he promised to protect at one time. As “A Dangerous Truth” unfolds Nick understands that the reality of the country he loves is increasingly losing its morality to power and progress.

For all the good he sees and hears; for all those that stand to prosper from such a great nation, Nick becomes discouraged by what he learns and how life has unfolded for many that he once knew.  Keep your eyes open, watch that which goes on around you. It may surprise you to find the ones closest to you are the ones you should fear the most.

If you haven’t read “Ways of war” you will want to catch up before you delve into the continuing saga that is the Windsor family.