Monday, February 1, 2016

"Ways of War" and All it Implies!

Anna Windsor lives through a time that tests her ability to survive a great loss. She is also living in a time where women are still fighting for freedoms we now take for granted.

There was much dissension within the country as you will see in “Ways of War”. The riots were proof that though we as a people desired change, those that worked toward change were still in denial about living in peace with each other. It always amazes me how narrow-minded we really are as a society. We preach peace while we kill each other to get our point across. I suppose things never change.

As you work your way through “Ways of War” you will notice similarities with our generation. Side by side generation by generation we see the same struggles. Our boys (and now girls) go off to fight battles that are not theirs to fight. They return home to a country that may have learned its lesson in one way but it still can’t accept the responsibility of its people who return maimed and in mental distress. Our military deserves better than this. They go off to do the bidding of the politicians and return only to be pushed aside in the name of budget cuts.

“Ways of War” may be a novel that touches on a time forgotten, but it brings to light the things that for years were in dispute. This story will continue to move through the generations and ultimately focus on that which affects us today.

The idea that all men are created equal and deserve to be treated with respect is a novel idea and one we as a country promote. at least it appears so outwardly. Our government is forgetting one thing though. You can’t force progress down the throats of those that have never experienced it. It must be a gradual introduction and one that is invited. We can’t presume to go into a country and force our ideas on them when they are not ready for them.

The United States became what it is because the people desired it and fought for it. The people stood up and involved themselves in the fight. they planned it and caused the change they wanted. We now go into these countries that are suffering and say they want change. My question is are they fighting the battle? Are they heading up the fight for change? I am all for helping those in need. I don’t believe we should fight someone else’s battle though.

We pulled together as a nation to create the Republic that resulted. We fought for the ideals and values we wanted to see. If a country truly wants to change, they need to do the same thing. Yes, we can assist if they ask however we should not be sending in equipment and men to train people that truly don’t want to change enough to fight. We are arming the enemy by doing this. If we look to Afghanistan, we see a perfect example. We sent in men and arms to train men that ultimately turned on us and has drawn us into a never-ending battle.

In reading “Ways of War” you will see situations and arguments that still exist today. “Usher of Truth” will bring to light information that proves that often the connection to the past creates haunting situations in the present. People and connections in past situations result in current events and cause distress to the innocent.

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