Monday, February 15, 2016

The Truth Will Set You Free!

We stand by and watch as the world continues to pitch in its downward spiral of negativity and financial ruin.
Are you listening to what is happening throughout the world? If you really pay attention to what is happening overseas you will see that they are on the verge of bankruptcy. They are living the Socialist’s dream. Yet the dream has turned into a nightmare. Their ideal that the rich should pay for the poor is not working very well for them. They have run out of other people’s money and now target the USA.
I am thinking of an example of socialism that went awry. The people rise up in defense of freedom and rights to own land and speak freely. While these ideals are what we all aspire to, there is always something that undermines the people that “desire” these ideals. I think we should all have the right to own land and speak our minds however with these rights comes responsibilities and the means to keep them. We must work to maintain that which we have. We should not expect that we are “entitled” to them. Our forefathers didn’t just go to the king and say we are entitled to the basic rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They fought to earn them and they worked hard to keep them.
We are living in a different generation. We think because we were born here that we are entitled to so many things that others worked for. Even the wealthy have to work to keep what they have. They have to keep watch and regulate their worth to be able to keep it.
We to a lesser degree, though not wealthy in the monetary sense, must watch and regulate what we have so we can keep it. We must get up every day and work for our bread and butter. We must work to maintain our homes and feed our families. Is it right that there are those that can collect more sitting home doing nothing than we collect by our sweat and tears? Before you storm off and get defensive about this comment, stop and think about it. Of course there are those we should be helping. But consider all the people that steal from us (taxes we pay) so they can sit home and do nothing. These are the people that steal from us as tax payers, yes. But they also steal from our elderly and our sick. Benefits that should be going to our Veterans and elderly that fought for this country now have to fight for healthcare and other necessary services. We have candidates that run on the platform that Americans are entitled to education, healthcare, housing and food. Of course we all have the rights to these basic necessities. But we are not entitled to steal them from someone that works for them so they can sit idle.
It is proven that those that work for what they have will have more respect and appreciate what they acquire because they earned it. If we continue handing these rights to people because they feel entitled to them we will soon find that we have squandered all that our forefathers fought for. Not only that, but the next generation will be left with the bill and no means to pay it. Do we want our children and grandchildren left to pay off the debt of the world?
If we bow down to the world and give way to them they will not only change our currency and our rights to bear arms, they will take our essential freedoms and the next generation will be left  holding the bag and paying the bill, probably with their lives and the lives of their children.
It’s time we all pay attention to what is going on in the world. Our inheritance as Americans is being squandered by those who have no interest in the process. Let’s stand up and show the world that we love our country and want it to remain prosperous. Not just to be a wealthy nation, but so we can take care of our own. We as parents are continually told to take care of ourselves so we can care for our children. Doesn’t that stand true for our country as well? If we are weak, we can‘t help those that truly need and desire our help.
It is said that the truth will set you free. It’s time to feed our minds with truth so we can all be set free!

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