Thursday, February 4, 2016

Great Dreams Carry Great Risks

The risk is great and you open yourself up to ridicule when you share your dreams. There will always be those who don’t see your dreams for what they are to you. In your eyes, your dreams are all that you strive for; everything you work so hard to make happen.
The dreamer is the creator; maker of that which others live through. The dreamer is the one who, though afraid, sticks his/her neck out and risks mocking and ridicule. Where would the world be without dreamers? Every modern convenience we enjoy today started out like a dream. What a world we would live in if every dreamer got discouraged at every snide remark.
I am a dreamer just like millions of people across the globe. For many years I kept my dream under wraps, not letting anyone know what my deep desire was. It remained stored away deep in my heart while I raised my children while working and maintaining a household. Like me, many people chose one dream over another, at least temporarily. My children were a dream at one point in my life. Now they are a reality that lives and breathes and are now adults who take care of themselves as they experience their own dreams. Now it is time for me to return to my dream of writing and creating.
So now here I am. One novel published and the second one coming straight behind. The process is just beginning as I promote “Ways of War”. I am on a new journey as I feel my way through a new world. Watch for me out there as I make my debut. Keep me in your thoughts as I continue to grow with the characters in my stories.

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