Monday, February 22, 2016

A Gift To Share

We all have a gift to share. A talent that sometimes remains hidden away for years, never to see the light of day, until something forces us to bring to light the gift that hides in darkness.

What a shame that so many people are denied the novels, paintings, photographs, and sculptures. So many people will never see the beauty of those who are afraid to share what their talent and treasure can create.

I encourage anyone who has ever had a desire to create something from nothing, to do it! Don’t over analyze and criticize yourself. You are your own worst critic. I think we all are. The creator often creates the negative insights. They are a figment of the mind that takes over and keeps us from producing a wonderful work of art!

There will always be someone who doesn’t like your work. Not everyone sees what you see. Not everyone views the world from your spectacles. You may wear rose-colored glasses for a reason that the critic is not aware of. Therefore, they don’t see what you see. But there may be ten others who are farsighted as you are and see what you see. They will get it. They will understand you and your characters and images. They will fall in love with your stories or pictures and that is when you as the creator will finally let go. It will no longer matter what others think or say. You can be what you dream.

Don’t hide or hold your creativity prisoner in your own mind. Release it and share it with the world. That which you share with others will set you free!

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