Thursday, January 14, 2016

Traces and Teasers

I'm working on Usher of Truth. to my surprise I've come across some information in my research that could be cause for debate. So much politics! The puzzle of life is one that teases and intrigues. It's a story that changes continually. So many facets in the lives of the characters of Usher of Truth! 
The scene is playing over and over in my mind, and is one that could tie the generations together in one idea, one thought that becomes reality. Once it is spoken it becomes the reality in Usher of Truth and possibly history. It is too much to communicate in a blog and will have to wait for publication.

Yet I will say this. The actions of people are what tie the generations together. The actions are cause for war and terrorism. The actions of one will be surprising and this scene will place doubt or maybe cause the unfolding of another conspiracy! 

Stay tuned as I continue the story and possibly reveal that which will be the Usher of Truth!       

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