Friday, January 1, 2016

New Beginnings

2016 is in its infancy, yet I am sure you all have high hopes for the year that stands before you; a blank page waiting for you to write your story.
I too have hopes for the coming year. Hopes of prosperity- that I may become rich in life’s most important ideas. I hope that my friends and family will have their heart's desire and that I may share in their dreams. I have hopes of increasing joy; as I share in the successes of those around me. I also have hopes of dreams coming true; as I watch those closest realize their dreams and enjoy the fruits of those dreams. I have hopes of happiness; as my loved ones realize what is most important to them.
Most of all I have hopes of love; that in an ever-changing world of discontent, the hopes of prosperity, heart’s desire, joy, realized dreams and happiness are not overshadowed by the signs of the times.
My wish for each of you is all the above along with peace, contentment and the comfort of knowing we all share the same journey. We may take different paths, but we all end up in the same place, realizing the same end. Here’s to a journey filled with these hopes, may yours be filled with your heart's content. May you have a blessed 2016.

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