Monday, January 25, 2016

Lord We Can't Go Back There!

“Ways of War” touches on a topic we still see to be an issue today. During the Vietnam Struggle, our government swept under the rug many injustices. Not only those related to the “Wars” of the times but also those that affected the people. Our people.

We need to turn the tides of injustice by holding our politicians responsible for the corruptions they push aside with their impatience and a desire to bury the issues. “What difference does it make?” They say. Let's stop talking about the elephant in the room and move on. If we forget these things, then they win! Figuratively and literally. And when they win they introduce more of the same. They make poor choices and blame someone else. They brush off their mistakes and hope they won’t come back to haunt them.

We are in an election year (obviously). We watch and listen as the politicians on both sides of the isle preach and promise. They all have the answer. They all say they can bring this nation together and make it great again! THEY CAN’T EVEN GET ALONG ON STAGE! How do they propose to bring a country of millions and millions of people together when they can’t even get along with each other?

We are a nation in distress!

Times and have changed. Though sometimes I think the definition of change is not positive. We are not learning the lessons our forefathers tried to teach us. They rebelled against the thing we so freely allow. Our basic freedoms are being stripped away. We as a country are being brainwashed to believe the inalienable rights our forefathers fought so valiantly for are the things that are destroying us. The truth is the politicians have created a smokescreen. A smokescreen to deter us from the real problem. They want us to believe the cause of this country’s problems is our Constitution. Freedom of speech, right to bear arms and ultimately “equal rights”. This country has been working toward all these things for generations and has made great progress. I believe it is they that have escalated the dissension among our people. The politicians and the media are fueling the hatred and injustice. If we are focusing on the dissension that has grown in the last ten years instead of the real problem (the politicians) we won’t see the real problem.

Think back to a time when we were working together to get things done. Yes, this country has always had problems but in recent years the problems were on the decline have escalated to a level not seen since the 1960s. Do we really want to go back there? I think not. Let's learn from history we won’t be doomed to repeat it.

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