Thursday, January 28, 2016

Celebrating Those Who Sacrifice!

Earlier in the month we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We celebrated the vision one man had to change the way people saw our nation. He had a dream. He died for that dream.

Today we recognize the crew of the Challenger for the vision and dream they had for themselves as well as for the nation. Here in New Hampshire we have a personal connection to Christa McAuliffe a Concord teacher who's passion for teaching sent her on a mission that took her life. While we in New Hampshire focus on her life and her contribution to the local community, we don't forget the sacrifice each member of that team made in an effort to bring space closer to communities nation wide.

In the news this week the sacrifice James Foley made to maintain freedom of speech is acknowledged. James Foley represented this freedom to us as he traveled to unstable areas of the world. His life is celebrated recently as Sting pays tribute to the freedom so many take for granted. James Foley represented that freedom and is one of many who believe in that freedom; even to the death.

In years past our men and women have sacrificed and died fighting for freedom and justice not only here at home but protecting the same for our allies. Our Military has gone well above and beyond protecting and defending so many freedoms of the world even as so many laugh at us as a nation. Even as our own people ridicule them for their service, even as our own Government fail to protect them!

I could go on and on in effort to remind you of the sacrifices people make so we can be a free nation. From the very beginning our Forefather's sacrificed blood, sweat and tears to create an ideal that would survive centuries. So many lost their lives expressing their desire for change as we struggled through our own Civil War. Continuing on there have been so many people that have fought for equality and freedom right through the present day. We must never forget them; not even one of them! We must not forget their sacrifice as well as the sacrifice their families have made.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. Christa McAuliffe had a dream. Our Forefathers had a dream. We are a nation of dreamers. We are also a nation consisting of determined dedicated people who not only have a vision, but have the desire to make that vision a reality. We need to return to our dream state remember that dream, fight for that dream and be proud to represent that dream!

We all dream of a better life but not everyone is willing to act on that dream. Remember those that have come before; those that have allowed us the comfort and safety we enjoy today. Remember that they were willing to act on your behalf, our countries and in some cases the worlds.

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