Thursday, December 24, 2015

The First In The Series

Ways of War is the first in the series of books that touches on what has been labeledmind control”. It is the book that introduces the characters that will move through the series of events. The central character is Anna Windsor, a young mother whose life is altered when her husband goes to war. The call to war is the catalyst for everything that follows.

It is a time of turmoil during an era that now is compared to the Iraqi war and the struggle in the Middle East. We had much to learn from a time of not so long ago. Though I don’t think our government is listening or watching. Our history is doomed to repeat itself as we have not learned from it.  As you work your way through the book, you may find parallels to the world of today, showing that though times and values change, we will always struggle to learn the lessons of love and respect of life.

While, reading you may find that you connect with one or many of the characters. We each of us long for love and security. We all wish for happiness as defined by society, not realizing that happiness is ever evading and constantly arms-length away. This unless we finally realize our happiness is that which comes from within and not without.

Ultimately, the story is a continuation of events that unfolds; changing just as the course of history changes. The lives and some events are fiction while the main series of events are historical. There is much in Government that is secret and deceptive, not only in present-day events but those of the past.

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