Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank you For Your Service

Thank You for Your Service
Sometimes I think we take for granted
All the things we have been handed.
We have forgotten all the men
Who gave their lives and would again
I walk the streets and take a stand
anywhere throughout the land
I speak my mind and say my peace
I pray these freedoms never cease
For all the things I say and do
I assume are rights, we all do
Yet all these things we have and say
Could go away any day
If not for you and your bravery
I shudder at the thought of slavery
Your sacrifice has kept us free
To be all that we wish to be
It breaks my heart to watch the few
Who says they never knew
The sacrifice you chose to make
For us and for our country’s sake
The time has come to step up and say
Thank you for protecting our way
For being willing to pay the price
Forgiving the ultimate sacrifice
Now I shall do my best to say
Thank you all in my way
Even though words do not come
Easily they should be welcome
Thank you for our freedom
Thank you for our safety
Thank you for your service
Thank you for your sacrifice


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