Friday, December 19, 2014

Forgotten Ways

         The wonders of
           The world exists
            In perfect harmony.
            At least they did
           until man came
            Then it became money.
            We had to have
            The very best
            But along the way
            We spoiled the earth
            To have it all
            We live just for today.
            What is it that
            Will happen now
            That things have gone awry?
            I think it’s time
            To take a look, it’s
            Really time to try.
            Try to make right
            What’s gone wrong.
            It’s time we took a stand.
            It’s time we show the
            The earth we care
            And that we understand.
            The dilemma that
            We’ve brought about
            That we created.
            Has shown us that
            The mess we’ve made
            Has become our fate.
            We need to take
            Control of this,
            Admit to our mistakes.
            Clean it up
            Make it right. No
            Matter what it takes.
            We should bless the
            World we live in
            And accept her flaws.
            For when you sit
            Back and enjoy her
            You will be in awe.

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