Friday, October 17, 2014



            A land so filled with beauty
            And yet still so untamed.
            You'll find a land of wonder
            Of wide open plains.
            You'll see the oceans vastness
            The snow-capped mountains too
            And cradled in its beauty,
            Its breathtaking views.
            You may begin to wonder
            Or you may feel blessed.
            Of all of Gods creations
            This stands with his best.
            I've seen this place of beauty,
            It’s always in my mind.
            A place I can retreat to
            A place I know is kind.
            And in all its vastness
            I have come to see,
            That this land of beauty
            Is now, and will always
            Be free.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Our imagination fuels our creativity. The wonders of the mind can amaze and entertain so many if we allow ourselves the freedom to be who we are meant to be. Open your mind today and create something wonderful.