Friday, March 7, 2014


            A sister is a special friend
            One to hold until the end.
            I’ll keep you close to my heart
            And pray that we shall never part.
            I hope that we will always share
            And in life, we always care.
            Care enough to give a hand
            And hope we always understand.
            How special it is to find
            A sister who is fair and kind.
            I hope you’ll always be around
            I’m here for you if you’re ever down.
            I’ll lift your spirits, make you smile.
            And yes I’ll even walk a mile.
            Even more to see you through
            In anything, you wish to do.
            I wish for you all the best
            And even as I let this rest
            I pray your life is filled with love.

            And everything you’re dreaming of.

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