Friday, February 14, 2014

Admired With Age

       Admired with Age
            When I look into
            Your face, I do not
            See the lines you’ve
            Gained with age.
            When I look into your eyes
            I still see the brilliance.
            The sparkle is still there.
            When I speak to you
            I do not see how you
            Strain to hear.
            And when I listen to you
            I fail to hear the
            Crackling in your voice.
            I do not see the gray
            In your hair.
            Nor the uncertainty
            In your step.
              I see before me
            A beautiful being
            Whom I look up to
            And respect.
            Who I admire
            And love.
            I cling to your
            Every word,
            Knowing the knowledge
            And wisdom I’ll gain.
            But most of all
            I’ve taken the love
            That’s radiated in
            Your smile,
           And returned it.

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