Friday, December 19, 2014

Forgotten Ways

         The wonders of
           The world exists
            In perfect harmony.
            At least they did
           until man came
            Then it became money.
            We had to have
            The very best
            But along the way
            We spoiled the earth
            To have it all
            We live just for today.
            What is it that
            Will happen now
            That things have gone awry?
            I think it’s time
            To take a look, it’s
            Really time to try.
            Try to make right
            What’s gone wrong.
            It’s time we took a stand.
            It’s time we show the
            The earth we care
            And that we understand.
            The dilemma that
            We’ve brought about
            That we created.
            Has shown us that
            The mess we’ve made
            Has become our fate.
            We need to take
            Control of this,
            Admit to our mistakes.
            Clean it up
            Make it right. No
            Matter what it takes.
            We should bless the
            World we live in
            And accept her flaws.
            For when you sit
            Back and enjoy her
            You will be in awe.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Seasons Change

             The flowers are gone
            The leaves have fallen
            And the winds blow.
            As if to warn us
            To let us know
            Of the snow
            That will fall.
            To prepare us
            For the unknown
            Of the dawn.
            The winds blow as if to
            Carry off our sorrows,
            Our hatred,
            Our insecurities.
            And give rebirth
            To our souls
            And reward us with
            Eternal life.

Friday, October 17, 2014



            A land so filled with beauty
            And yet still so untamed.
            You'll find a land of wonder
            Of wide open plains.
            You'll see the oceans vastness
            The snow-capped mountains too
            And cradled in its beauty,
            Its breathtaking views.
            You may begin to wonder
            Or you may feel blessed.
            Of all of Gods creations
            This stands with his best.
            I've seen this place of beauty,
            It’s always in my mind.
            A place I can retreat to
            A place I know is kind.
            And in all its vastness
            I have come to see,
            That this land of beauty
            Is now, and will always
            Be free.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Our imagination fuels our creativity. The wonders of the mind can amaze and entertain so many if we allow ourselves the freedom to be who we are meant to be. Open your mind today and create something wonderful.

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Childs Mind

  A Childs Mind
My mind is a trap
I become what I see.
What I hear becomes
A part of me.
So please take heart
To be caring and kind
Use a gentle voice
To speak.
Keep me in mind
I'm a child you see
And for all it is worth,
You are an example to me.
I'll tell you a secret
Please don't forget,
Remember, I thrive on

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Special One

     A Special One 

My child, you are a special one.
So very dear to me.
I look into your shining eyes
And see all that you will be.
My heart is filled with love
My wishes for you are true.
I wish you the very best
And hope your dreams come true.
My love is always with you
Wherever you may go.
I pray the Lord blesses you
And hope you always know
I’m here and I remain so
I’ll do the best I can.
I’ll always be here to listen
I’ll try to understand
And if there comes to be a time
That I do not agree
I’ll still be here to lend a hand
The love will always be.
Though you may grow and move away
I hope you’ll always know
I’m here for you
I love you.
That can only grow.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby Girls

      Baby Girls
            I love my baby girls
            You see.
            They are the ones
            Who inspire me.
            In watching all the
            Things they learn.
            In all the questions
            I see them urn.
            To do all they see,
            To be everything
            I know they'll be.
            They will grow
            And I will too
            As will the love
            Through and through.



Friday, June 13, 2014

Missing You

             Missing You

            I look at you and all I see
            Is how it all used to be?
            The kind sparkles in your eyes,
            The love you never denied.
            I remember how you used to laugh
            And all the fun we used to have.
            The jokes you told, oh how we laughed
            And when things seemed as if all bad,
            The sorrow, it would show right through
            That you thought you’d hidden too.
            And though we had exciting times
            The ones that remain in my mind,
            Are the moments we’d sit and talk.
            Ah, and yes those special walks.
            The quiet times we often shared
            Are what showed how much you cared.
            And now I see you laying there
            Everything is in such despair.
            I feel as though I’ve lost your love
            But I say a prayer and up above
            I know you’re looking down on me
            Loving me for all eternity

Friday, May 9, 2014

In Your Slumber

         In Your Slumber

            As you lay in your slumber
            I watch you.
            I see you in your restful state
            And hope your dreams are sweet.
            I smile at you and sigh a sigh
            One only I will hear.
            I know you soon will grow
            To be a beauty and you’ll leave.
            But for now, you are with me
            And so it’s meant to be.
            The times we have I’ll treasure
            This love we share,
            Will stay embedded in my mind
            You’ll always know I care.
            Your first day of school will be
            Our very first goodbye.
            The day you enter college I know
            I’ll surely cry.
              And on the day that 
            You will wed.
            I’ll be choking back the tears,
            As I think of all the fun we had
            Throughout the many years.
            You are my precious daughter
            I’ll always love you so
            And through the years of laughter
            I hope you’ll always know.
            As you lay there in your slumber
            I watch you....
           With tears in my eyes.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Missed Moments

            It scares me to think
            There’ll come a day,
            When you'll grow up
            And move away.
            You'll leave and I may
            Never see, all the things
            I know you'll be
            The happy times
            You’ll have, oh where.
            To think I won't be
            There to share.
            Thinking I won't be around
            When the sad times
            Get you down.
            I won't be there
            To help you through
            To watch in all you do.
            I guess it will have to
            Be enough to know
            I love you so.
            And if you ever need me
            I'm always here, you know.


Friday, March 7, 2014


            A sister is a special friend
            One to hold until the end.
            I’ll keep you close to my heart
            And pray that we shall never part.
            I hope that we will always share
            And in life, we always care.
            Care enough to give a hand
            And hope we always understand.
            How special it is to find
            A sister who is fair and kind.
            I hope you’ll always be around
            I’m here for you if you’re ever down.
            I’ll lift your spirits, make you smile.
            And yes I’ll even walk a mile.
            Even more to see you through
            In anything, you wish to do.
            I wish for you all the best
            And even as I let this rest
            I pray your life is filled with love.

            And everything you’re dreaming of.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Admired With Age

       Admired with Age
            When I look into
            Your face, I do not
            See the lines you’ve
            Gained with age.
            When I look into your eyes
            I still see the brilliance.
            The sparkle is still there.
            When I speak to you
            I do not see how you
            Strain to hear.
            And when I listen to you
            I fail to hear the
            Crackling in your voice.
            I do not see the gray
            In your hair.
            Nor the uncertainty
            In your step.
              I see before me
            A beautiful being
            Whom I look up to
            And respect.
            Who I admire
            And love.
            I cling to your
            Every word,
            Knowing the knowledge
            And wisdom I’ll gain.
            But most of all
            I’ve taken the love
            That’s radiated in
            Your smile,
           And returned it.