Sunday, December 1, 2013

Grandma Speaks

It’s been almost a year
That she’s been gone.
Yet life goes on, be not
Because I know that she
Is there
I realize that some may
Ask where?
She is with God, in all
His glory
So now, you see we should
Not worry.
She’s found her place with
Our Lord.
I can’t explain, there are no
Just know that she is at
In eternity where life
Won’t cease.
She prays for us, that we’ll
Be there.
To walk with her with out
A care,
In peace and love with God
So grand,
She is in God’s Hands.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Must Begin at Home

      I Must begin at Home
      When I think of all that's been
      And all that's yet to come.
      I see it's in my heart I'll find
      That I cannot succumb.
      To all the pain and hatred
      The famine and the wars.
      The goings on throughout the world
      And that which is at my door.
      I know that something must be done,
      But what is it that I can do,
      To help us join together
      And become a world at peace.
      I know we must begin at home
      And heal our souls first,
      Because it's in our hearts
      We’ll find the perfect Universe.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Insight to life

          Life is full of troubles
      it has its ups and downs
      And in all life's prosperity
     happiness can't be found.
     Maybe if you look, you'll see
      you are not being who you should be.
     Sometimes in life, we look for things
     that just do not exist.
      And as we gain in power,
     we think we are in bliss.
     The more we gain the more we want;
     the more we want, the less we attain.
     So in the end you'll come to see,
     you are not being  who you should be.
     But if you take the time
     and you look within,
     you will come to see
     the being that you should be.
     And when your soul you meet
     it's then you'll feel complete

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creativity Exists in the Depths of The Mind

                     JUST IMAGINE……….." Tracy Gregory