Monday, November 13, 2017

Can You Crush Sосiаl Mеdiа in Only 2 Minutes a Day?

I have to tell you; I’m an author, not a  social media expert. 
While I use social media daily, there are some tips and trick in the book “How Tо Crush Sосiаl Mеdiа in Only 2 Minutes a Day” that I am finding quite helpful.

We can all afford to improve our online presence
Having received an advanced copy of the book has offered me the opportunity to sample some of the information that is sure to increase the traffic to my site as well as improve the interaction throughout my social media platforms.

I realized I was missing some key points
Reading through “How Tо Crush Sосiаl Mеdiа in Only 2 Minutes a Day” I realized I was missing some key points relative to getting my message out there. An important point Ndeye Labadens makes is to make sure to be thorough. Make sure profiles are complete, and you have good content. It is important to maintain a presence whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, or LinkedIn.

Crush Social media in only 2 minutes a day
I still have a lot to learn about social media, but now that I have “How Tо Crush Sосiаl Mеdiа in Only 2 Minutes a Day” I can take 2 minutes a day to learn all I need to know about social media.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Tell Me, Tell Me!
We all have a story to tell. Some of us will be brave and actually step out of the box and write the story buried deep inside.
"I Can't Write A Book"
There are others who may say, "I can't write a book". For those of you who think I can't write a book, I have three words for you - Author Academy Elite. These three words can be the key to unlock the story that has been locked away.
Tell Your Story!
There comes a time when your journey becomes too long and you become weary. The life you lived may have been difficult, but you are strong and you persevered! The ride was long. You still have rough days, but now you can smile. You can enjoy your life. You can share your life. You can share your story. The story you tell may just be the lifeboat or the anchor or the light at the end of the tunnel for one who still lives in darkness.
You Shine Bright!
Your story is someone else's beacon of hope. When you share and show others that you have survived a tragedy or an illness or even death of a loved one, you are sharing a secret. You share the secret of life. Your sharing offers hope to others.
Bring Your Story To Life
If you feel called to tell your story let AAE assist you as you create and bring your story to life, offering a life-changing opportunity to another who shares your experience.
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Is your schedule too hectic to write?
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Remember, this is the story of your life!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

History Book Promotion on Veteran's day!

There are so many exceptional authors out there sharing their craft.If you are interested in historical fiction, check out the historical fiction promotion on Veteran’s Day!

Happy reading!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Days Gone By - I Miss My Dancing Girls

It's been a while since I shared poetry. When I read this one, I can't help but smile. My children have long since grown and are living lives of their own. But when I read this it brings back fond memories of childhood dancing shoes. I love my dancing girls.

Dancing Girls

I watch you dance around the room
I say to you “its bedtime soon”
You giggle as you twirl away
I laugh as I try to say
The day is gone It’s time for bed
You look at me and shake your head
The day has ended night has come
The time is now you must succumb
So put away your dancing shoes
And take your tutu to your room
But mom
We want to dance all night
We want to dance to get it right.
Someday we’ll be upon the stage
I’m thinking now “What is their age”?
I smile again but with the eye
They look at me and try to sigh
They bow their head and drag their feet
But at the stairs, we meet
I smile at them both as I say
Tomorrow is another day
You can dance again and dream
You can laugh and play and scheme
But for now, it’s time for bed
I know it’s something that you dread
I watch as you climb the stairs
The stairs are steep but you don’t care
I smile as you climb into bed
As I think I shake my head
You’re growing fast time’s racing by
I tuck you in and release a sigh
            As I recall your giggles and twirls                  You are my beautiful dancing girls

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Children's Book Cross Promotion

There are so many exceptional authors out there sharing their craft. If you are interested in children's authors, check out the children's book cross-promotion on October 11th.

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Happy reading!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Above everything, we are all Americans. Our common bond should be what brings us together.

I am saddened by the division within our country. I’m sure my take on the matter will not be one that causes a head to turn, but I am going to “jump on the bandwagon” so to speak for just a moment. I have been trying to remain positive and hope that people will see the reality in the demonstrations and riots that are popping up all over the country.
I have one question to ask relative to all this “free speech.” Who believes any of this is making a positive difference? It’s a pretty simple question. My answer is “not me”! I think all the protesting and rioting is just causing more descent throughout the population. We have protests and marches with people communicating the importance of many debates right now. Most recently, today, as a matter of fact, I saw a news clip about a march for black women. I’m not saying black women shouldn’t be empowered they most certainly should!  But I think the march should be a march for Americans. After all, we all share a bond with this first commonality. Above everything, we are all Americans. Our common bond should be what brings us together.
We have become a nation divided because of the differences among us. I think it’s time that we focus on the issues and ideas that make us alike. First and foremost we are all humans; living beings that deserve the things addressed in the Declaration of Independence,  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Beyond that, we all want to feel secure and know that we will always have a meal on our table and a roof over our head.
I believe in the Constitution. I believe in the Constitution as it was originally drafted and eventually amended as the demographics of our country changed. That is the wonderful thing about the laws of this country. They were drafted to protect and defend the people. I think many have lost sight of this or maybe were never aware of the role it plays. They have also lost sight of the power of the pen. It was the pen that recorded a new Nation's existence and its ability to sustain.
We are wasting time in the streets yelling and screaming. The clock is ticking as property is destroyed, and hatred increases. We need to come together. We all have issues that we feel are important and need the attention that will result in a better life for each person. We need to find a better way to address the hate that is growing exponentially in this country. We have all heard the term “divide and conquer.” Well, this country has become so divided that we can’t see the reality and seriousness of what is happening to us. No one is going to win if we don’t stop the tantrums in the streets and the protests. It may get attention initially, but it never results in a positive end. Someone always gets hurt.
I could go on and on about the growing hate in this country, but I don’t think my beginning a dialog here will be what causes us to come together as common citizens. I am going to offer a challenge to anyone who reads this blog. I want to challenge you to offer suggestions on how we can come together. Pick an issue and communicate a positive way we can offer a solution or even just begin a dialog. I am not anyone important, not really, but if I receive enough support for this idea of coming together, I will find a way to help the positive (real) suggestions find a voice. Our coming together will be the true test of what a small voice can do when so many are yelling and screaming.
We need to stop pointing a finger and blaming each other for problems of which most people can’t even remember the original cause. We need to let go of all the past hurt and move on. We can’t come together as a country if we can’t even get along with our neighbor. It’s time to let go of all the hate. Holding on to hate, anger, and resentfulness doesn’t appear to be working. Let’s try something different and see what happens. I wish you all much happiness and prosperity.  

Let's just stop!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

What Happened To The Dream?

     Watch this speech one more time! “I have a dream.” Watch as Martin Luther King Jr, stands and speaks peacefully to the masses. The speech, broadcast during a time of civil disobedience, a time of upheaval and inequality, not only by color but by creed and gender. Look into the crowd of people who stand and listen peacefully. “Let freedom ring,” he says. He is a man who had a message. He got his message across by peacefully speaking to the masses. Of course, in earlier times he was arrested in his protesting efforts however it was when he gathered peacefully in our Nation’s Capitol to share his vision for our country that he was heard! 
     He had a dream rooted in the American dream. “One day this nation will rise and live out the true meaning of its dream ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.’” He stood in front of the monument of President Lincoln that only days ago was defiled for what it represents, I’m sure he chose that spot because of the message President Lincoln tried to communicate many years earlier one of which he quoted.  He had a dream that people would be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin. Today people protest and defile the monuments and statues; our history to deny all that our forefathers suffered to grow into the country that we were so close to becoming before this mass of disrespect for one another. What does that say about the character of those that spread such hate?
     We are living in a time of great disrespect not only for one another but our history as well. You can’t erase history by removing evidence of what occurred. In removing and defiling and denying we only prolong the inevitable. Turn your back on what was, and it will be again. Hate and descension will rear its ugly head. It will fester and infect our society and cause the dis-ease of what we are trying to eradicate. People protest in the name of peace and equality, yet they project and infect the country with hate. Hate does not encourage dialog; it causes the human mind to shut down to reason; it breeds more hate.
     If people think that by removing our countries monuments it will cause people to change their views, I believe they are nieve. Here is an example. I use it because it has been in our faces for weeks. If we remove Confederate monuments, does that change history?  Does that negate the struggle? Does it remove the lesson learned? Removing the statue does not change the story. Did the Romans remove the Colosseum because of what it represented, the inhumane treatment of both man and animal? No. They left it as a reminder of what went on. They left it so that generations to come could tell the story and remember what not to do or how to behave.  By removing the monuments in the South, does it remove the Confederate struggle, if so it must also remove the struggle experienced by the slave?  Do we so want to disrespect the suffering on both sides?
      In this lesson, I think we are failing to remember something. Behind the monuments are men, women, children, families, and communities. Each one suffered in their way. Each one had an experience that was not conducive to love or kindness or fairness. They continued to live. They erected monuments to remember what happened and to facilitate healing. Just because a man fought for slavery, doesn’t mean he believed in it. Men fight for their State or country. When they go to war, they go because they are called. They go because they respect their State and want to be obedient. It isn’t always a personal preference. By erecting monuments, they are offering respect for those that fought and died as human beings. They are mourning the loss of human life. Remember… All lives matter. Take it down to a personal level. Every human being suffers and deserves to heal.                           I Believe we need to come together as a country as one people. The world is watching us. We who once were a great example to the world have become a joke. We no longer deserve the respect we once had. If we can’t play nice in the sand, how can we expect the rest of the world to do so?